MANN handmade is designed with food in mind. Each set or individual piece is inspired by something delicious. 

No set is ever exactly duplicated.  Your MANN handmade will be completely unique to your lifestyle and home.  I do custom orders but they cost more...I'd rather just meet you, see your kitchen, and make something I think you'll like.  So far, that strategy hasn't failed.


retail places


Lawson-Fenning, Silverlake

OK, West Los Angeles

Lincoln, Pasadena

Xiem Clay Center, Pasadena

Workshop SK, Atwater

Surfing Cowboys, Mar Vista

Terrace Street Gallery, Altadena

never duplicated

about MANN

MANN handmade is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. Designed for real use in real kitchens with real food eaten by extraordinary people. 

MANN is produced by me, Sharon MANN, in Pasadena at Xiem Clay Center using all local materials.  Always COMPLETELY food safe glazes.